Coronal Mass Ejections
from the
Solar Maximum Mission

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This document contains information about Coronal Mass Ejections (CME's) and images recorded by the Coronagraph/Polarimeter telescope aboard the Solar Maximum Mission (SMM) satellite (1980, 1984-1989).

Figure H-1:
A coronal mass ejection expanding outward over the solar north pole on 14 April 1980.

Quick Links

[SMM C/P Data] [MLSO Data Archive Site ]  [NASA SMM Site]
[ CME Primer] [ SMM Overview ] [ SMM C/P Telescope ]
[ Coronal Movie ] [ CME Gallery] [ Synoptic Maps ] [ CME catalogues ]
[Calibration Information] [IDL Tools]


What Is A Coronal Mass Ejection ?
A discussion of coronal mass ejections, and what we've learned about them thus far.

Solar Maximum Mission: Overview
A description of the SMM satellite, the in-orbit repair, and gaps in coronagraph observations.

Coronagraph Instrument Description
A discussion of the SMM coronagraph/polarimeter and its features.

CME Data

Solar Corona Movie
View an MPEG movie [1.3 MB] of 4-quadrant compositie images (9 -> 19 April 1980)

Coronal Mass Ejection Gallery
Access to selected SMM coronal mass ejection images.

SMM C/P Data
Access to Coronagraph/Polarimeter SMM data.

Synoptic Maps
View coronal synoptic maps [1980, 1984-1989].

Coronal Mass Ejection Catalogue
A list of observed coronal mass ejections and their measured properties.

Web Links

MLSO Data Archive Web Site
Retrieve data from the MLSO site.  You will need to manually return to this site.

Information about the SMM mission and access to data for other instruments.  You will need to manually return to this site.

Calibration Information
A directory containing the TeX and Postscript for
Bagenal, F. and Stanger, A.L., "Calibration of the SMM Coronagraph/Polarimeter Based on Observations of Jupiter"

IDL Tools
Directories containing IDL software for the calibration of SMM data, for generating movies from FITS files, for IDL color tables and IDL software for measuring mass brightness and positions from the data.


Data Policy
All of the SMM coronagraph images provided on our web page may be freely used by the scientific community for research purposes. No collaboration with High Altitude Observatory (HAO) members is required, and no proposals need be submitted for approval. However, the proper credits should be provided. Please read the DATA POLICY page.

The Solar Maximum Mission Coronagraph/Polarimenter was designed & operated by the High Altitude Observatory (HAO), a division of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), and funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

The SMM Coronagraph/Polarimeter instrument was built by Ball Aerospace Systems Division (BASD).

The SMM Spacecraft was built by Goddard Space Flight Center ( GSFC), and the SMM project was funded & managed by the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA).

� 1998 NCAR

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