15-16 March 1980 --- Day of Year (DOY): 75-76

These four images were taken by SMM in the later stages of the coronal mass ejection and show the concave outward shaped core. The pinched-off appearance of the core is consistent with the structure having become magnetically disconnected from the sun. Solar north is toward the upper left.

Event Description

Cavity rises slowly in fan. Fuzzy loop becomes visible around cavity. Brighter tongue-shaped core follows cavity. Base of core is concave-outward, `U'-shaped by early March 16. Archetypal disconnection from ~6:05 until 10:46 UT on March 16. Fan is partially blown out. Deflections.

Event Properties

Start/Stop Times in SMM Coronagraph Field of View: March 15 <15:36 to March 16 ~10:46
Central Position Angle: ~120 degrees
Width [degrees]: ~053
Speed [km/sec]: 033 <--- Cavity
Speed [km/sec]: 035 <--- Core
Speed [km/sec]: 190 <--- Concave Outward `U'-shaped feature

Detailed information on all SMM mass ejections is available in the SMM Catalogue of Coronal Mass Ejections