31 May 1987 --- Day of Year (DOY): 151

Event Description

Slow rising, multiple loops/cavities with bright, twisted (prominence?) core superposed on streamer. Core is under northern half of loop. Rapid acceleration at ~10:01. Bright, non-radial ray forms at core location at ~18:00. Motion (ejection?) of material along bright ray until end of June 01. Large deflections. Streamer is disrupted. Solar north is toward the upper left in each image.

Event Properties

Start/Stop Times in SMM Coronagraph Field of View: May 31, 02:34 to 14:43
Central Position Angle: 296 degrees
Width (in degrees): 068
Speed (in km/sec): 338 <--- Outer Loop
Speed (in km/sec): 410 <--- Core (Prominence?)

Detailed information on all SMM mass ejections is available in the SMM Catalogue of Coronal Mass Ejections