30 September 1988 --- Day of Year (DOY): 274

The SMM Coronagraph recorded this image of a faint loop-shaped mass ejection projected over the southern limb of the sun. The dark band extending to the lower right corner of the image is the shadow of the pylon supporting the occulting disc. Solar north is toward the upper left as indicated by the arrow drawn into the occulting disk; the dotted circle marks the solar photosphere.

Event Description

Loop/cavity with fuzzy core superposed on streamer or ray.

Event Properties

Start/Stop Times in SMM Coronagraph Field of View: September 30 19:36 to 20:53
Central Position Angle: ~153 degrees
Width (in degrees): ~045 degrees
Speed (in km/sec): 398 <--- Loop

Image List:

September 30, 1988: 18:08 UT

September 30, 1988: 19:09 UT

September 30, 1988: 19:34 UT September 30, 1988: 19:42 UT

September 30, 1988: 19:58 UT September 30, 1988: 20:51 UT

Detailed information on all SMM mass ejections is available in the SMM Catalogue of Coronal Mass Ejections