17 August 1989 --- Day of Year (DOY): 229

A fast moving loop with an embedded prominence was ejected over the west limb of the sun on August 17, 1989. Note that solar north (as indicated by the arrow in the center of the occulting disk) points toward the lower right; the dotted circle marks the solar photosphere.

Event Description

Structured loop/cavity and brighter, highly structured, complex, 'harpoon'-shaped, inner (prominence) core between streamer and fan. Fan to the south is disrupted. Big deflections.

Event Properties

Start/Stop Times in SMM Coronagraph Field of View: August 17 18:59 to ~22:54
Central Position Angle: 255 degrees
Width (in degrees): 070 degrees
Speed (in km/sec): 1288 <--- Harpoon-shape in core (prominence)

Image List:

August 17, 1989: 18:59 UT

August 17, 1989: 19:16 UT

August 17, 1989: 19:24 UT August 17, 1989: 19:32 UT

August 17, 1989: 19:49 UT

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