16 January 1989 --- Day of Year (DOY): 016

A sequence of four images of a coronal mass ejection as seen over the east limb of the sun by the SMM Coronagraph. Solar north is toward the upper left corner in each image.

Event Description

Loop/cavity with beautiful, brighter, structured, inner (prominence) loop/cavity superposed on and between streamers. Northern leg of inner loop is highly structured. Streamers are disrupted. Big Deflections.

Event Properties

Start/Stop Times in SMM Coronagraph Field of View: January 16, 09:09 to 12:49
Central Position Angle: 055 degrees
Width (in degrees): 060 degrees
Speed (in km/sec): 538 <--- Cavity
Speed (in km/sec): 352 <--- Inner Loop (prominence)

Detailed information on all SMM mass ejections is available in the SMM Catalogue of Coronal Mass Ejections